Trebco Material Weight Calculations

Trebco Material Weight CalculationsTrebco Material Weight Calculations © 1991-2015, Trebco Computer Systems, All Rights Reserved. Trebco Material Weight Calculations : PROGRAM FEATURES : our Software Performs Material Weight, Mass, Area, Volume, Material Density (Inputed), Mass in (Slugs), Weight in (Lbs), Moment of Inertia (Ix, Iy, Iz), Centroids for (Directions Depending On The Shape). Our Calculations Are for the Following Shapes : Calculate Any 3-D Size Block of Material, Hollow Cylinder, Round Cylinder, Disk, Solid Rods, Tubes, Spheres, Hemispheres, Paraboloids, Ellipsoids In Seconds. Your Competitors Will Be Running Around Looking For Conversion Factors and Densities And You Will Have The Answer To Many Complex Calculations In Seconds. Come Back With Answers Faster Than A Person Can Pick Up A Pencil. Try How Quick You Will Get Your Calculations Back !! We Give You (2), not (1) Material Weight Calculators For The Price of One !! We Also Include Conversion Factors for Density, and Specific Gravity (SG) and Conversion Calculations to Density Easy to Use Material Weight Calculations for Area, Weight, Mass, Volume, Centroid, Moment of Inertia, & Much, More !!!!! Calculations are Included for Rectangular Parallel Pipeds (Rectangular Box Shapes) Circular Disks, Hollow Circular Disks, Rods, Tubes, Spheres, Hemispheres, Paraboloids, Ellipsoids. All Calculations Are In Feet, In, With Weight Given In Pounds (Lbs). This Software Package Includes Mechanical Prop of Materials Tables for Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity (Shear Modulus), Poisson’s Ratio, & Unit Weights of Materials. © 1991-2015, Trebco Computer Systems, All Rights Reserved.
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