TurboLocatorThis relocator supports all x86 compatible processors. E.g.: ix86, EX386, EX486, NEC V25, V40, V50, AMD SC400, SC520, Am186, Am188, AmX86, 386, 485, 586 etc. Example applications: x86 embedded systems, Industrial PCs, BIOS-Development, ROM / Flash / Flat / Raw / diskless PC Applications without operating system. Similiar to the Paradigm Locator
Turbo-Locator Features:
Relocates 16bit (DOS) compiled code for use in all FLASH, EPROM or RAM based x86 compatible systems.
Supports Borland/Turbo C/C++ 1.0 .. 5.x, Borland/Turbo Pascal 5, 6 & 7 and Turbo Assembler
Relocates EXE code compiled with those compiler to arbitraty Code & Data locations
Supports DOS based systems or flat OS-less x86 systems
Option for stub startup code to not require an extra DOS or other operating system.
Option for including a reset vector
Supports correct heap/malloc relocation and full floating point emulation
Includes a special startup code for C/C++ to remove any need for DOS; source code (ASM/TASM) included
Includes the task scheduler TurboTASK for easy real-time multi-threaded execution of 16bit (DOS) compiled code
Includes a system library for common operations on embedded systems.
Includes a "file-system" library for storing structured (object-oriented) data or flat data permanently in buffered SRAM & Flash
Includes a pre-written special system library for some hardware: PC compatible UART, PC compatible Timers, special hardware on NEC V25 / MT25, AMD SC400; All other special hardware has to be programmed directly (or used over an existing DOS)
The bare commandline locator EXELOC.EXE is executable on 16bit DOS. (GUI requires Windows 95 or higher).
Separate target addresses for Code/Fixed/Initialization & variable Data segments
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