TxtReaderXpress 2014

TxtReaderXpress 2014TxtReaderXpress uses the functions supplied by Microsoft Speech Platform 11 and other Desktop Speech SAPIs to convert plain text to audio. This tool might come in handy to to teachers and students, helping them to create audio lessons, or to those with visual or vocal disabilities. Users will simply need to type or highlighted or paste their texts within the reader window and TxtReaderXpress will read them aloud. The powerful and versatile text-to-speech software for Windows users. TxtReaderXpress offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and also a build-in library to create a short collection of your favorite books. Give TxtReaderXpress a try to fully assess its capabilities!

Common Operations. Read, Stop, Pause, Resume, Rate, Voice selector.Supports a wide array of documents (RichText, web surfing, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office document, Microsoft XPS OXPS document). Supports Desktop Speech SAPI and majority third party TextToSpeech voice. Supports Microsoft Speech Platform 11 and 28 free Text to Speech Voice. Easily read any selected text and Export text to audio files. RichText supports Typing Echo, typed and speak. XPS reader supports read any selected text, entire page and page by page to audio. Web Navigater supports read any selected text, entire page to audio. Affordable and reasonable price.
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