Update Afinion Project-Viewer Full Version 4.x/5.x

Update Afinion Project-Viewer Full Version 4.x/5.xUpdate for Afinion Project-Viewer 4.x/5.x to version 6.0 with new features: – Shows plans from Project 2000 to 2010, Excel and SAP. In Excel you can also save the column definition to share information with other people – Shows links, milestones and summary tasks from Excel sheets! – Your start screen can be designed by you (e.g. your intranet screen) – You can add your logo for presentation of plans – Administration option to configure your menu (which menus you want to give to your collegueas – New option: print tables only, if you only want to use the task table – Using now Microsoft standard installation format (.msi format) for use in your software distribution – New fields: Date1-10, duration1-10, start1-10, end1-10, hpyerlink, projectname,contact person – Now shows also indicators – Use of an existing Java runtime version – Additional languages: Japanese
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