Upgrade LANDMAN 2012

Upgrade LANDMAN 2012We are now able to offer you an addition called "LANDMAN" (Language- drawing- manager), which has the capacity to change, with the push of a button, drawings into a desired language. German and English are the standard languages, but the program is expandable into other languages on demand. SOLIDWORKS menu options are fully integrated to give you the option to choose a word or text block and place it anywhere in the drawing. Should the need arise to change to another language, LANDMAN will search the active SOLIDWORKS drawing and will compare the words or text blocks in the dictionary database, and will exchange the text on the drawing automatically. The headers of the drawing will of course be included, and you do have the option to translate only individual words or text blocks. LANDMAN is not a fixed dictionary database, but rather a individual and flexible database created for the specific needs of your company. You have the capability to identify missing words and text blocks in the dictionary database of the chosen translation, and add them if necessary. The heart of LANDMAN is its database where you deposit the words and text blocks specific to your language, as well as a central network where standard definitions can be accessed. You create content and context , to assure only your deposited content and definitions will be used. – 100% SolidWorks integrated – Defined words and text blocks are deposited in the central database – Content of dictionary database can be expanded and managed by user – Individually defined descriptions and text blocks can be integrated into your drawings – Consistent translations and definitions are secured in central database – Unlimited languages are available – With the push of a button languages can be changed in the headers and defined text blocks. – You will only need one SOLIDWORKS drawing for multiple languages – Can be custom designed to your specific needs
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