Upgrade mZ Easy to mZ Standard (english)

Upgrade mZ Easy to mZ Standard (english)That sounds familiar?
Your desk is spilling over? Your time is fragmented? Too many bagatelles done and the big issues on hold? Everything planned in detail but no progress anyway? Just the most productive time of the day being wasted for peanuts and emails?
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. A simple organizer will fail. Without professional time management know-how we stay caught in the treadmill of life. Therefore we engineered a success tool, which can do more for Your success than all other organizers: Software and Knowhow in a sophisticated and consistent solution. So a product evolved, which really improves success: mZ Pro, part of the world class meineZIELE product family.
mZ directly contributes to Your success.
You gain time …
… for Your most important projects, for Your family, for Your hobbies.
Time is not expandable. Time is a finite commodity. But we can use it better. The only way to really gain time is by doing more of the important and less of the unimportant things.
Here mZ comes in. This is the core function. mZ provides the cleverest prioritization system known today. Do not more. Do more important things. That is, what makes You effective and successful. Work becomes easier and stress is reduced. You become more efficient and more effective. And even the balance of Your roles in life improves.
You gain freedom and leeway
You gain leeway as You gain time by decidedly shifting Your energy from less important to more important tasks.
With 20 % of our efforts we gain 80 % of our success.
You gain an empty desk
mZ by means of its ingenious 1-click-filing-feature directly connects each task with everything You need to get it done. Your documents are ready to hand. And Your desk is empty.
You gain plain objectives

A downright flood of information and tasks and the diversity of risks and opportunities often appear as a wall of fog. But only plain objectives are achievable.
mZ will help You to outline crystal clear where You are and where You want to go.
So You manage to get a plain distinction between the crucial and the insignificant.
You perform better, when You work on the task, which is just now the most important.
That reduces stress and the number of tasks in progress and considerably improves Your success while reducing Your efforts.
Accumulating small and big achievements starts a spiral of improving self-confidence, expanding objectives and growing success.
You will hit Your targets
You will get away from saving seconds and arrive at pursueing objectives. All the clarity of thought, realignment and leeway, mZ provides, have one single purpose only: To help You to reach more, bigger and more important objectives.
Why mZ Pro?
mZ Pro has all of mZ Plus plus strategy functions. This is the full product with the whole range of functions and methods.
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Summary: mZ, mZ Pro, 20 %, 80 %

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