VB-ReminderVB-Reminder allows to notify the user on the planned affairs. Also this program rescues kitchen teapots, plates, conscience.

Program window with the time of the reminder and the text of the notice

When there comes notification time (in our example it is 10:58), on the darkened background, over all open windows the message will appear. The notification is made in such a way that the user would switch the attention and will be able to see the message.
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Summary: windows

Concepts: Graphical user interface, Microsoft Windows

/technology and computing/operating systems/windows
/technology and computing/hardware/computer
/food and drink/beverages/non alcoholic beverages/coffee and tea

Tags: rescues kitchen teapots, drink/beverages/non alcoholic beverages/coffee, Graphical user interface, planned affairs, notification time, darkened background, Program window, open windows, Microsoft WindowsCategories

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