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Vevo! eSalesWhether you are a exporter, show room, sales team, a distributor, or wholesaler, you can enhance the sales lead generation and conversion thereof, through all your sales channels with the Do-It-Yourself Digital Photo Album Software- Vevo! eSales. If your business requires to frequently provide the product details (incl. graphics) of your merchandise to your dealer, distributor, customer or prospect; then also this Sales Enhancement Software, can be of immense use to save resources and convert your sales opportunities to revenue.
Vevo! eSales (digital catalog and digital marketing Software) is an ideal tool for an enterprise to – manage catalog products contents, build interactive & distributable presentations, plan & prepare for customer sale meetings & presentations, track sales leads, make quotations etc; for effective management of catalog business (e.g. textile catalog, furniture catalog, craft catalog, jewelry catalog, apparel catalog, leather bags catalog, ceramic catalog, home furnishing catalog, fashion catalog, cosmetic catalog, industrial machinery catalog, coins catalog, collectors catalog, antique catalog, handicraft catalog, diamond jewelry catalog, carpet catalog, marbles and granite catalog, stone catalog, lingerie catalog, designer’s collection catalog, writing instruments catalog, toys catalog, gifts catalog, health & lifestyle products catalog, kitchen & house wares catalog, stationery catalogs, electronic goods catalog etc).

Most business enterprises engaged in catalog driven business use multiple tools for different tasks (separate tools for digital cataloging, email campaign building, printed catalog, sales enquiry tracking, customer quotation making, customer presentation etc). Vevo! eSales offers an integrated solution for back office management, sales presentations and digital marketing.
Compared to most software for digital cataloging, Vevo! eSales much more powered feature rich yet easy to use tool with highly customizable design setting options, flexible catalog content management, integration with custom templates and all these at much lower cost compared to most other digital cataloging and digital marketing software.
Vevo! eSales is excellent combination of digital cataloging, digital marketing and customer interaction tools, with very high focus on:
sales lead enhancement (interactive catalog presentation facilitating its view easier navigation, proper graphic display and convenient response system)
sales lead conversion (interactive sales tracking and customer quotation. Its offline web like quotation building and digital distribution of eOffer enhances sales lead conversions.)
interactive sales catalogs / presentation for customer and/or event specific opportunities
back office management for catalog product content management, sales enquiry tracking and eCampaign
sales team role and performance enhancement
responsive systems in catalog presentations (catalog viewer is able to respond quickly with least efforts)
graphic enhancements (in catalog business, where product graphics are displayed for business seeking, it is important that enterprise must be able to display product graphics from sales point of view. Using Vevo! eSales, user
Most software solution claim to save time, energy and costs, so do we too. But we also enable revenue enhancement to provide effective ROI.
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