VIBar- generates and prints barcodes; – line-barcode types: 39, 93, 128, Ean13, I2of5; – TrueType-barcode types: 39, 39 extended; – you can use any other of barcode TrueType fonts installed at your computer; – you can repeat one barcode as a list so many times as you want; – you can make (export) a txt-file with a list of your products and open this file in VIBar to get a list of according barcodes; – you can change barcode’s position and/or height simply by your mouse; – you can change barcode’s line width, line color, space color; – you can set: show or not the human readable text below the barcode; – you can change the font for a human readable text; you can preview barcode before print Tipps: – drag barcode by your mouse to desired place (move it by left-upper corner of the first barcode); – change the height of barcode by your mouse (move it by bottom line of the first barcode); – double click by your mouse at any point of window to show the Settings Dialog; – or use menu "View/Show Settings" (or toolbar button "Show Settings Dialog"); – open new window (toolbar button "New" or menu "File/New") to make an other barcode (or a list of barcodes) at the same time; – open any txt-file with a list of your products (for example file "List.txt") to get a list of barcodes; – you can change the settings for a whole list at ones by the Settings Dialog; – preview barcode before print (menu "File/Print preview" or toolbar button "Print preview"); – use menu "Window/Tile" to arrange all opened windows if you need.
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