Video Cut and Video Converter

Video Cut and Video ConverterSportCode Video Analysis is video cutting software with skins. Player (video splitter/ video slice/ video cut) to preview video file. Select parameters for output file. Application fill default values and all codec. Output file will automatically get a name: name, name_1, name_2…. Make a cut with one button press or use keyboard. Record light flashing. SportCode Video Cut – Video Splitter gives you ability to easy cut video files. Video can be PAL/NTSC DVD/VCD/SVCD/mpeg/mpeg1/mpeg2/mpg/avi/divx/wmv … Simply, select input file, select output file and its parameters and with 1 button make cut. Each next output file will automatically get a name: mane, name_1, name_2…. Application scan your computer and gives your codec for AVI and WMV. Most user use mpg(DVD,VCD,SVCD,MPEG2,MPEG1). Help file shows all video standards. To make a cut you cat use a mouse to press one button on video player or use keyboard button C, to pause a movie use space bar. SportCode Video Cut – Video Splitter is a professional applications that have the latest skin visual styles and you can easy import .msstyles files, downloaded from web.
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