It draws a diagramms from your txt-data files.
It scales your diagramms automatically or manually.
Simply make a txt or csv (ASCII) file like that:
Dow Jones
Date; Open; High; Low; Close
4.14.2005; 10403.71; 10457.06; 10248.23; 10278.75
4.15.2005; 10276.61; 10311.26; 10059.36; 10087.51
4.18.2005; 10088.54; 10183.50; 9961.52; 10071.25
4.19.2005; 10071.55; 10220.21; 10021.08; 10127.41
4.20.2005; 10131.18; 10232.34; 9978.74; 10012.36
Run VIGraph and open that file. You will get a diagramm with 4 colored lines (for Open; High; Low; Close). The header of diagramm will be "Dow Jones" and the horizontal axe below will be "Date".
You can open as much txt-files as you need simultaneously.
Columns in the txt-files can be divided by commas, tabulators or semicolons.
Call a parameters dialog and define what to show in diagramm..
Please do not use a comma for digital group separation ( 10403.71 – OK, 10,403.71 – not OK). Use point as a decimals separator (123.45 – OK, 123,45 – not OK).
Look for examples of txt-files in "Sample Data" directory (General Electric.txt etc).
For registration run VIGraph and enter User Name and Serial Number in Menu Help / Registration
Get More Information about VIGraph

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