VIMapIt helps you to make a labels for your picture files. For example, you can set a labels for all your frends in a big party’s photo with a full memos for every one and with a flasched text at every one’s birthday. Or you can set a labels for all your business partners at a big world map and set a memos for all of them (phones, addresses etc), and remaining texts since needed dates for every one. How to use it: – open any picture file (jpg, bmp, etc): a map from Google Earth, a scool-frends photo, a scanned country or world map etc – change piture-window’s size to adjust the picture or press "1:1" button to see the picture in a full size – double click at a desired point – you will see the "Point" Dialog – set up text, font, colors, cross and rectangle for that point – add a memo text for that Point – you can set a new text with a new font since any date in the Future (text and rectangle can be shown flasched or not) – you can apply font and colors settings for all entered Points at ones – you can save font, colors, cross and rectangle settings for next time – press OK and the new label will be shown at a picture – your original picture files will be not changed, only a small new files *.map will be created for every picture file with a labels – make the same for any other points in a picture – next time, when you open that picture file, all setted labels will be shown again – save or print a picture with added labels – you can open many pictures together Hints: – use left mouse double click at a label-cross to change settings for an existing label – use right mouse double click at a label-cross to remove an existing label – drag any label by label-cross to change a placement of a label – change the picture’s window size to adjust a printing size of a picture
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