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Virtual Hand StudioThe fact that the hands and their movements require so little conscious thought may be one reason why so little thought is given to drawing them. Look now at your own hands, you will see them in a new light. Note how the hands automatically assume a shape compatible with an object before grasping the object. To draw a hand in the act of picking up an object you must first study the contour of the object, and then observe the automatic adjustment of the hand to fit that contour. Start to pick up a ball, a peach or an apple and watch your fingers adjust themselves just ahead of the grasp. The mechanical principle involved is very important in the drawing of the hand. Only by knowing how it actually works can the hand be drawn convincingly. Stud your own hands to better understand the hand. But having the hand facing away from you, they can only allow you to study them at a certain fixed angles only. VHS comes in handy in this area.VHS comes with more then 200 dynamic animated hand gestures. Categorised in different……..
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