VisiMap Professional, upgrade from version 2.x

VisiMap Professional, upgrade from version 2.xThe innovative VisiMap Professional is a unique creativity- and productivity-enhancing application for Microsoft Windows® that saves you valuable time in your day-to-day work and offers you new flexibility in exploring and organising your thoughts.
VisiMap Professional graphically records, structures and clarifies the results of your creativity so that they can be used, reused and communicated effectively.
Based on the usefulness and simplicity of graphical ‘visual maps’ (similar to what are variously called idea maps or brain maps), VisiMap Professional adds efficient data entry, automatic layout, striking presentation, powerful map structuring, manipulation, and printing features, and sophisticated document import and export facilities to create an invaluable asset that produces visual solutions to all kinds of business and personal applications.
Licensing Note: A single VisiMap Professional licence permits use by a single person on one or more computers (but on only one computer at a time), or for multiple users serially on a single computer. For all other uses a licence must be purchased for each computer on which VisiMap Professional will be installed and/or used.
Non-Profit Discounts: We offer significant price reductions of 66% for VisiMap Professional to academic institutions and their students, to registered charitable organisations, and to individuals who meet certain conditions and use the product solely and strictly for non-commercial purposes. For full details of our terms and conditions, see here. To receive your ‘non-profit’ discount, please email your application to us at [email protected], attaching the evidence required and specifying the type and quantity of products you wish to order. If your application is accepted, we will return a link to you via e-mail that you can use for ordering at the non-profit prices.
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