visKeeper PC – Desktop Edition

visKeeper PC - Desktop EditionvisKeeper PC
Use visKeeper on your PC!
Work with it seperately or in combination with visKeeper for Pocket PC.
The Desktop Edition may be equalized with the data on your Pocket PC. Enter large TAN lists at your PC and copy them comfortable to your Pocket PC by two clicks. Later you do it conversely and you keep track of your up to date data on both platforms at all times.
Moreover visKeeper PC provides many more features and advantages that ease your data management at the home computer.
It is profitable to use visKeeper PC in either case.
A small assortment of the additional features:
Set an optional Administrator Password and avoid to lock out yourself
Import and export your data to the most common data types
Sort your entries automatically or by "Drag & Drop"
Drag & Drop text directly from your internet browser or from a text file to note fields
Import your own icons or just move graphics from your internet browser to the tree view by "Drag & Drop": they will be converted to icons automatically
Test visKeeper PC 30 days without any restrictions and see even more…
Here you find visKeeper PROFESSIONAL PC & Pocket PC 3.0: manage your data synchronous on your Pocket PC and the PC!
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