visKeeper PPC – Information Manager

visKeeper PPC - Information ManagervisKeeper Professional – manage all your data easy and secure on your Pocket PC and the PC!
You want full access to all of your daily needed information at any time?
You are looking for a program that manages those data easy, secure and clear way?
Then you have found it!
Passwords, banking information, adresses, credit card information, online accounts… manage all information you daily need comfortably with one single program – visKeeper!
visKeeper Professional is a bundle containing visKeeper PC and visKeeper Pocket PC.
Clearly arranged
The tree view of visKeeper gives you an overview of all important information.
Click on an entry in the tree and its content is shown immediately
Organize your data, create any number of folders and assign your entries to them (e.g. addresses, access codes, account information)
Use more than 60 integrated icons to differ your entries easy from each other
Add your own icons
Customize your data and assign color and style
Add any number of notes to your entries and folders
Easy to use
visKeeper eases your work and is comfortable to handle.
Create entries quickly by predefined templates
Design and use your own templates by a few clicks
Learn how to use the most secure visual Key password method by tutorial in a few seconds
Become acquainted with the most important functions of visKeeper and read the built in "1. steps"
visKeeper protects your data by a strong encryption and the most secure password methods.
Choose one of three password methods to secure your data (PIN, Text- or Picture-Password)
Benfit from the unique visual Key-technology und protect your information by a picture of your own choice
Define at which time visKeeper autosaves and shuts down itself
Make use of the integrated passwordgenerator and create random passwords for ebay, accounts and other purposes
Synchronize your data with the Desktop Edition and dispose of an up to date backup anytime
Trust the 128 Bit Twofish encryption of military strength without a worry
Soon you will realize that visKeeper provides you many liberties which other information managers lack of. At the same time it is extremely easy to handle and affords the highest grade of protection.
Text visKeeper for 30 days without any restrictions until a commercial license is needed.
But be careful. If you really use visKeeper for a couple of days, you do not want to miss it anymore.
Please find further information as well as the documentation at:

Secure encryption of your data with 128 Bit Twofish algorithm
3 optional login methods (PIN, text, picture password)
Graphical authentication: highest security granted by the patented visual Key technology
Tutorial and introduction for immediate use of the software’s whole functionality
Management of any text data in clearly arranged tree structure
Creation of any number of safe files for your data
Easy and flexible classification system for folders, subfolders, entries and notes
Predefined templates for passwords, online accounts, banking information, etc.
Differentiation of your entries by individual icons
Identification of your entries by free choice of color, font style and multiple font types
Search function for quick navigation in large safe files
Integrated password generator for random passwords
Synchronisation and further editing of your data with the optional PC edition
Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5

visKeeper PC
You may use visKeeper on your PC too!
Work with it seperately or in combination with visKeeper for Pocket PC.
The Desktop Edition may be equalized with the data on your Pocket PC. Enter large TAN lists at your PC and copy them comfortable to your Pocket PC by two clicks. Later you do it conversely and you keep track of your up to date data on both platforms at all times.
Moreover visKeeper PC provides many more features and advantages that ease your data management at the home computer.
A small assortment of the additional features:
Set an optional Administrator Password and avoid to lock out yourself
Import and export your data to the most common data types
Sort your entries automatically or by "Drag & Drop"
Drag & Drop text directly from your internet browser or from a text file to note fields
Import your own icons or just move graphics from your internet browser to the tree view by "Drag & Drop": they will be converted to icons automatically
Test visKeeper PC 30 days without any restrictions and see even more…

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