VLPropertyList (Source Code License)

VLPropertyList (Source Code License)VLPropertyList offer a very elegant and intuitive mechanism to visualize and manipulate set of properties. Though designed to load, display and modify properties of COM objects (which support IDispatch interface), you can use it to display and manipulate any set of properties and objects. The properties can be categorized as per your requirements. Multi-level categorization and dual views (flat as well as categorized) are also supported.
Built-in editors supported by both the controls include text, number, boolean, drop-down list, color picker, font selection, file selection folder selection and date pickers. It even allows you to add your own in-place and dialog based custom value editors.
By default the control automatically matches the color scheme as per the desktop settings. On the other hand, it offer complete customization of the appearance, including color, font and the text appearing on various UI elements.
VLPropertyList’s event structure allows you to incorporate your custom validations and custom sorting (extremely useful if you are displaying non-english data).
The package include detailed on-line documentation and sample program demonstrating the capabilities and power of the control.
VLPropertyList control is as easy for customers to use as it is for you to configure and code,we do believe this is a wonderful control, but hey, don’t take our word for it, download and try it out yourself.
Key features
Complete control on colors, fonts and captions of various UI elements allowing you to display non-english information.
Supports background image for property area.
Built-in value editor for text, number, boolean, font, color, date, picture, list (enums), file name and folder (directory) name type of properties.
Absolutely minimal coding for displaying / manipulating properties of COM objects.
Ability to automatically update associated COM object property when property value changes.
Resizable name / value columns with built-in tooltip support.
Support multi-level categorization of properties with built-in dual view support.
Built-in support for ascending and descending sort order.
Ability to seamlessly integrate in-place custome value editor as well as dialog based custom editor.
Compare events to incorporate custom sort order (very useful for non-english languages).
Validation event to incorporate custom validations for property value.
Provides multi-stage custom drawing support of property values, easing your job when you want to draw some property value in a way that we haven’t envisaged.
Simple programming interface.
Online integrated documentation.
Includes detailed sample program, with source code, demonstrating features of the control.
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