VRDL PanoLive

VRDL PanoLive> Supported for 360 spherical ,cubic and even cylindrical panorama,
> Multiple maps can be used and Googlemap was supported
> Easy to -use, design directly your virtual tour on panorama player viewer.
> Interactive components like flash, video, buttons, thumbnails, dynamic text can be added to panorama, and each can achieve various actions.
·> Virtual tours can play at specified percentage of the browser.
·> Flash virtual tours are exported and easily embeded to websites.
·> Full screen display of the virtual tour.
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Summary: virtual tour, Googlemap

Concepts: Virtual reality, Types of tourism, Embedded system, Adobe Flash, Virtual tour, Player

/technology and computing/operating systems
/technology and computing/programming languages/javascript

Tags: panorama player viewer, virtual tour, cylindrical panorama, Flash virtual tours, gt, middot, Multiple maps, various actions, Interactive components, dynamic text, screen display, computing/programming languages/javascript, Virtual reality, virtual tour.Summary, Adobe Flash

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