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WebCamSplitter ProDescription
Using WebCamSplitter Pro, it is possible to share up to FOUR video devices. In the meantime, user’s interface of Pro edition is very similar to the interface of WebCamSplitter, i.e. it is fast, easy and user-friendly. And of course, Pro edition has all the advantages of WebCamSplitter.
WebCamSplitter Pro v1.3.4 released!
WebCamSplitter Pro is a unique all-in-box product. Besides the main function, that is sharing a video source, it allows to deal with a lot of really helpful things:
Customization of input/output resolutions. You can use a video stream of any resolution mode from the list of webcam supported resolution modes, independently for input and output. This allows to customize your video as you wish
Preview for every application that is used with WebCamSplitter Pro
Preview for the output video stream dependent application that is used by WebCamSplitter Pro
Digital Zoom and Pan for every application that is used by WebCamSplitter Pro
Desirable frame rate in a video stream
Video stream desirable processing quality
User-friendly interface and detailed help
Ability to use Local Media File (AVI, WMV, MPG, BMP, JPG …) as video source
Intelligent Connect feature allows to use IYUV, MPEG4 and other input formats, instead of just RGB24-compatible devices in previous version
WebCamSplitter Pro is one of fastest products on the market now. Most important drawing functions are reworked and/or optimized. Comparing with previous version, new version works avg. two times as faster
Professional feature! Multiple source support. Ability to simultaneously split up to 4 physical devices (capture sources) between any number of the client applications
Besides, WebCamSplitter Pro is always available via system tray just like your ICQ, AIM or Yahoo IM.

WebCamSplitter Products Usage Scheme
Common usage
WebCamSplitter Pro usage
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