White Paper – ITIL Costs & Costing Catalogs

White Paper - ITIL Costs & Costing CatalogsThe "Using ITIL� Financial Management to Develop Cost Catalogs for IT Service Delivery and SLA Pricing" White Paper describes a comprehensive methodical approach to use ITIL� based disciplines and lower level CI (Configuration Items) to develop a Costing approach to IT Services at their inception and track those cost adjustments throughout the live of the IT Service using ITIL� service delivery and support processes.

The many companion public and published publications regarding the definition, interfaces and process links to the complete ITIL� discipline library and infrastructure through companies like or organizations of EXIN®, OGC®, CCTA®, itSMF® and others, will not be described here, but references will be made and highlighted as they relate to our new methodology approach of Cost definition and Cost transfer to our supporting User Information (IS) groups via the SLA (Service Level Agreement) process.
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