Wms2CadWms2Cad is a unique tool for tilling your CAD drawing with topo and ortho maps with use of worldwidwe WMS and TMS services for reference purposes.
It is simple, fast and effective. Just choose the type of map from predefined list of WMS services / or define one of your interest, click the area for which you want to download the map and start tilling.

Software contains a list of several predefined WMS services. The list of available maps can be easily extended by downloading the definitions of services from our server. You can also manually define the connection to the map service.

Software works on all versions of Windows for PC, from Windows 95 to Windows 8, including 64-bit versions.
It works with many popular CAD software:
AutoCAD – from 2000 to 2013, 32 bit and 64 bit,
AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or CadstaMax,
MicroStation – V8.1, V8 XM, V8i, PowerDraft, PowerMap, Redline,
IntelliCAD – all versions with the possibility of the raster data projection, including progeCAD, GstarCAD, ZwCAD, BricsCad and more.

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Summary: Windows 95, Windows 8, Windows, Redline, 32 bit, 64 bit, 64-bit

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