Wybrane metody analizy technicznej | E-book

Wybrane metody analizy technicznej | E-bookBATS system. Metastock 10 and higher. It is no matter if you use to trade either 1 minute or 1 day chart. This trading system is exact that what you were looking for your Metastock and Forex. Based on many refined mathematical formulas to make technical analysis of the chart displayed much more sublimated as it was before, to find a buy or sell definition of the real-time moment you are in. Demo version is system tester. The commercial version has BATS oscillators, BATS performance testers and BATS expert advisors. This investment model allows you to be on both sides of the financial mirrors. What does it mean ? Download demo and look carefully into the statistics.
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Summary: BATS, 1 minute, 1 day

Concepts: Foreign exchange market, Technical analysis, Science, Finance, Metallica, Formula, Commerce, Probability theory

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Tags: BATS performance testers, BATS expert advisors, BATS oscillators, technical analysis, Foreign exchange market, mathematical formulas, real-time moment, sell definition, Probability theoryCategories, financial mirrors, investment model, commercial version, Demo version, Download demo, Metastock, chart, Forex, Metallica, matter, sides, Commerce, trading, buy, statistics.Summary, dayConcepts, Science, Finance

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