XeLara Version 6.0

XeLara Version 6.0With XeLara you can work like a graphics program, because you come at no time with the code in contact (Html. ..) and no expertise required. No modular, but rather complete freedom in the design and development. And that on a clear logical way. In XeLara text is always treated as Unicode. Unicode is a computing industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent and manipulate text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems. Xelara based on a, from us developed, completely new technology which we call XeBiB (XeLara browser in browser). The XeBiB technology makes it possible to display web pages browser and platform independent. Therefore, the sites created with XeLara exactly how they were designed. XeLara promises not only 100% WYSIWIG but also guaranteed so. Whether with Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer, on a Linux, Mac or PC with XeLara you need not longer adjust your Internet sites on browsers and platforms!
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