Xiklone Music Replicator

Xiklone Music ReplicatorMusic Replicator allows you to keep a high quality version of your music library and automatically create compressed versions (e.g. .mp3 or .m4a) for other devices and players which can’t handle the high quality versions of the audio files. For example your main library is FLAC and Music Replicator can keep a 2nd mp3 library, encoding new tracks as they appear in your main library. The software replicates music collections with automatic audio conversions, effortlessly creating copies of your music collection(s) in different formats for different devices and players.
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Summary: different devices

Concepts: File format, Advanced Audio Coding, Audio file format, Vorbis, Digital audio

/technology and computing/mp3 and midi
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Tags: Music Replicator, high quality version, high quality versions, automatic audio conversions, Advanced Audio Coding, Audio file format, main library, music library, audio files, new tracks, music collections, mp3 library, music collection, Digital audioCategories, different formats, different devicesConcepts, different devices, .mp3, FLAC, Vorbis, copies, example, e.g., .m4a, players, software, players.Summary, /technology, computing/mp3

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