Zany Doodle

Zany DoodleWelcome!
Step inside the world of Zany Doodle and watch your scribblings come alive. The unique and addicting gameplay of Zany Doodle lets you basically create anything you want, by just drawing it. Tired of playing games where you’re always using the same given things to achieve your goals? Not with Zany Doodle!
You need a box? Just draw it!
You need a seesaw? Just draw it!
You need a pulley? Just draw it!
You need some coffee? Well yeah, just draw it! :)

This game is only limited by your imagination. Go ahead and try it now for free!
very easy to control
unique and addicting gameplay
realtime physics engine
different crayons draw different materials
use flexible yarn strings to connect things
pin things, so that they stay in place
several different sorts of paper
underwater like levels
space levels without the help of gravity
unlimited possibilities with the level editor
supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets
share your creations with others (soon)
10 beautiful ambient music tracks
for all ages

-> Visit the homepage and download the free demo version now.
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