ZZEE PHPExeVersion 2.0 is a step towards better compatibility with lots of legacy code, including various frameworks (such as Zend framework) and applications. Many significant changes are made, making it much easier to compile legacy PHP code and use standard PHP tricks.
ZZEE PHPExe compiles PHP, HTML, Javascript and other web files into Windows GUI programs. You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. You can use the same code for online and Windows applications with little or no modification.
Examples of compiled applications include ZZEE PHPExe itself and ZZEE Text Utility, available as both online and Windows application.
Applications compiled with ZZEE PHPExe look and behave like standard Windows GUI applications
You can distribute your compiled applications royalty free
Users don’t see the contents of your web files or your web file tree, they can not change your scripts
Integrated PHP encoder – no need to use third-party products for protection of your code
UI based compiler – easily create and maintain your projects
You can name compiled exe files as you like and you can assign your own icons to them
Runtime size can be as low as 2.1Mb (depends on number of PHP extensions that your application uses and your code size)
Advanced alternative to HTAs (HTML applications)
Free trial: download and test the program right away
Includes a compact webserver, a built-in webbrowser and embedded PHP
Compiled applications don’t conflict with any webservers (neither Apache nor IIS), other PHP installations, proxies and firewalls
Compiled applications don’t occupy any TCP ports
More than one copy of a compiled application can run at a time
The program uses ISAPI (not slow CGI) interface for optimal performance
ZZEE PHPExe v 1.0.0 ships with PHP v 5.2.5
The program includes lots of PHP extensions
You can use your own PHP extensions
Built-in webbrowser is based on Internet Explorer and thus standards compatible
Internal webbrowser runs with high permissions, providing the possibilities that are often disabled in regular webbrowsers for security reasons
Many debugging options are available
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